Fifty Facts about Me

Hello everyone! I can’t lie to you all, this blog is going to be a bit of a mismatch, my hopes are of lifestyle, fashion, DIY, cookery and then some deeper posts thrown in there as well. Anyway, to set the ball rolling, you’re getting hit by a big load of introduction, that is 50 FACTS ABOUT ME! Enjoy!

Girl with red hair

1. My favourite TV show is One Tree Hill.

2. My favourite smells are cut grass, ‘mustiness’ and furniture polish.

3. I didn’t like pizza until I was 13.

4. I have a degree in English Literature.

5. I’m really bad at video games.

6. I still sometimes play ‘don’t step on the cracks.’

7. My mum and I have a day every year where we watch all 3 extended Lord of the Rings.

8. I hate leather sofas.

9. I learnt to drive when I was 23.

10. One of my first jobs was picking strawberries on a farm.

11. I have Grade 8 in piano and used to teach piano to children.

12. I love travelling and want to travel the world.

13. I love bad reality TV.

Girl with red hair wearing glasses eats pancakes

14. I want to have cool adventures but I worry too much about money.

15. I have a really bad habit of constantly picking my split ends.

16. My favourite colour is blue.

17. I’m a massive lightweight and don’t really enjoy drinking.

18. I’ve run two 10ks (and now I hate running again).

19. I have way too many clothes.

20. When I was little I was really sad that I couldn’t be a bridesmaid.

21. I used to think that when it rained a big drainpipe came out of the sky and took it all back again.

22. I was a complete sheep in primary school and used to follow my best friend everywhere and do everything she did (not a good idea). We both once cut all out hair off so that we would look like boys. I then got annoyed when people thought I WAS a boy.

23. I had my first birthday party when I was 5.

24. I have no middle name.

25. My dream honeymoon would be a road trip around the USA.

26. I want to do lots of different courses in different things.

27. I love fruit – my favourite fruits are raspberries and mangoes.

28. I’m obsessed with flowers – my favourites are blossom and forget-me-nots.

Pink blossom tree

29. I’m really excited to decorate my own home one day.

30. When I was 13 I wrote a book based on mine and my friend’s lives set in Tudor times.

31. Being near bodies of water – for example rivers, or the sea – calms me down.

32. I named our family cat Merlin, my friend and I wasted an entire science lesson coming up with 100 names.

33. I’m now allergic to cats.

34. I used to write poetry a lot.

35. I love being in musical theatre shows – the favourite parts I’ve played are Anita in West Side Story and Maria in The Sound of Music.

36. My nail varnish is always chipped/non existent.

37. I read Lord of the Rings when I was 9 – I used to read books under the table all day in primary school.

38. I used to want to be able to grow my hair so that it reached my bum.

39. I’ve never broken a bone.

40. I really want to know how to do my makeup and hair properly.

41. I have a lot of celebrity knowledge.

42. I have a hard time saying no to people.

43. I’m quite a good cook, but sometimes I’m too lazy.

44. I have some form of anxiety. My anxiety attacks normally involve someone criticising me for something/telling me off.

45. I love Christmas.

46. I didn’t own a pair of jeans until I was 15.

47. I leave a trail of socks around my house.

48. I once tried to dye my hair purple and it went green.

49. I once sang in a concert with someone who came second on X Factor once.

50. I was born 6 weeks early and I was so little that my entire body could fit in the doctor’s hand.

Girl with red hair wearing blue stands in front of white door

So that’s basically me! That was much harder than I thought it would be to come up with everything! Let me know some facts about you!

(Edited in 2018)


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