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I told myself I wasn’t going to write a political post. The EU referendum tore friendships and families apart, it has torn this country apart. It was horrible, degrading, and honestly made me ashamed of people. Both sides lied, both sides tried to scare people, both sides massively abused the impact that mainstream media has on the general public.

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But I am so worried that we left the EU. Britain voted ‘Out,’ following the promises and pleading of Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and Katie Hopkins, and disregarding the words of Barack Obama, Caroline Lucas, J.K. Rowling and Stephen Hawking. The fight got personal with Jo Cox. I feel disgusted that this country is capable of that. After proclaiming each Muslim you see at an airport a ‘terrorist,’ no one realised we were starting to brew our very own terrorists right here. The people sitting at home, simmering with hate, pushing the blame onto all those ‘foreigners.’ Doesn’t that remind you of Hitler blaming problems on Jewish people? Should we brand all people as ‘not British,’ just so we are sure of who to hate? Are we also foundering people who think British people are better than all? Are we going to start exporting those who don’t fit the mould of ‘British’? Where, for God’s sake, do you draw the line?

Jewish deportees at Auschwitz
May 1944: Jewish deportees, with the yellow stars sewn on their coats, arrive at Auschwitz concentration camp (Getty)

For those about to make the argument that ‘Britain won the World Wars,’ we certainly didn’t do it without help. It definitely wasn’t “Britain versus the world,” at any point. The main Allied Powers in World War One have been set out as “Britain (and the ‘Empire’), France, Italy and Japan, also including Belgium, Greece, Poland, Portugal and then Czechoslovakia. World War Two Allies began as France, Poland and Great Britain, then joined by others. That sounds like teamwork to me, doesn’t it?

I’m in no way reducing or disregarding Great Britain’s impact, for such a small island, we did very well on many occasions. But it is no longer possible for Great Britain to be as ‘great’ as it once was, because greatness is no longer measured in the amount of other islands you’ve managed to stick your flag in. Other countries have been able to outstrip us in many ways, but that is not the EU’s fault. Nor is it immigrants’ fault. In fact, they’ve actually helped our economy. Britain is finely balanced I think – our economy is boosted by the Queen, something exponentially British, but also by migrants from many other countries, people that are being dubbed the reason for a failing NHS, a housing crisis, and unemployment. There are many factors in all of these problems, not least that the population is growing. Because of immigrants? Partly, yes. That’s undeniable. But also because of longer life expectancy, people having more children, and that we have such good healthcare now, there are things we are just not going to die of. The whole world is growing, quickly, not just in population but in every single way. ‘Third world’ countries are catching us up – much slower than they should need to – and shouldn’t we be proud that we apparently portray such a good way of life that people want to live here and feel how we feel? Britain cannot shut its borders and close its gates, because the world is not and should not be so sectioned and fenced anymore. Everyone needs to be part of something bigger than ourselves, because the world is too big for us to be selfish now.

I am not saying the EU is perfect. I don’t think anyone that fought for Remain has ever tried to admit that, because it would be a lie. It is obviously an issue that is important to a lot of people, and so lets work together to reform it. If we have these issues with the way it works, it’s pretty likely that all the other member states feel the same. Even if we leave we’re still going to have to be a part of it somehow as I don’t think we want to give up total access to the single market. Everyone fighting for ‘Leave’ is claiming that they will have to grant us access no doubt, but how do we know that? We’re going to be mightily screwed if that turns out to be a complete smokescreen. Go ahead and be childishly smug about managing to see a doctor about a runny nose, and the fact that you now feel safe and secure in ‘sovereignty.’ But we have to be accountable to something. That is the way of the world now that we have elected governments and that we are able to vote, and we are not subjected to the whims and decisions of unelected monarchies. is that when you think Britain was great? Back in the day where there was no democracy?

I don’t think any country in the entire world completely personifies democracy. It is going to be something we get wrong for a long time yet, because our system definitely isn’t great. Neither is the EU’s. Neither is America’s. But we’re more likely going to find it working with other countries. The EU is not perfect, but it was created to keep peace, and such a noble aim should not be abandoned, but evolved and reformed. Wars today will be sneaky and silent, and I would much rather we had a strong Europe backbone, instead of floating alone on our little island waving ‘The Sun’ and claiming it as gospel. Lets evolve the world, not regress back to stone walls and shouting ‘Friend or Foe’ and stabbing each other in the back.

My final point is you, you older voting brackets, revolting against something that you haven’t even let our generation try yet. You’ve screwed enough for us I would say. I’m looking forward to paying off my £40,000 debt just to get an education. I’m so thrilled at having to try and stick ice back together in the Arctic. I may never see the Great Barrier Reef. I’m just ecstatic about possibly having to live with my parents or pay unthinkable rent my entire life. And working til I’m 80. You’ve done these things to us. Let us have this one, and if we fail, then we fail, and in 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, we can leave the EU. You can wave your walking stick at me and tell me “I told you so,” but don’t you dare then say that I didn’t try. That we didn’t try to fix your mess. I want to be a world citizen. A European citizen. A British citizen. All three. I want to travel, observe the world and bring back what I’ve learnt so we can improve ourselves. Improve our organisations. Improve our peace. We can only do this all together.



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