My Outfits in San Francisco

I tolddddd you it was coming soon! And for once, I kept to my word, and so here it is: The Outfits I wore while in San Francisco. My fashion follow up to my Top 5 Places in San Francisco.

I’m sure next week I can get back into the depressing, thought provoking posts, but for now I want to keep throwing it back to my amazing holiday, because right now it feels a very long time ago! Especially today, because it’s been raining, and now it just feels like summer is definitely over, even though we spend the whole year waiting for it! Kind of like Fridays.

Girl with ginger hair stands in front of mural on wall

Day One

I actually completely discarded the outfit I had chosen to wear in joy that these shorts now fitted me! When I bought them they were a bit too small as I had spent quite a few months burying my feelings about my life in chocolate, but I had been so so good before this holiday, and now they fit amazingly! They are quite tight around my thighs but that’s just because I’ve spent my whole life cycling and them babies aren’t ever going to die down.

The shorts are from Glamorous, the white crop top was one of my favourite buys this summer as it’s super flattering, it’s part of the H&M basics and I think cost me like £4. My jacket is possibly my favourite thing I own, and I got it secondhand from someone when I was at uni. It goes with everything, but has the tendency to make me look just a tad hipster. My sunglasses were bought in Thailand (20 baht for the win) and my shoes are New Balance at Asos.

Girl with ginger hair poses holding camera

Girl with ginger hair wearing denim jacket stands in front of a mural

Day Two

This outfit is so comfy. I did however sunburn my hairline so if you’re really really pale like me, be careful when doing French plaits in hot weather! My outfits are often very blue based…

The crop top is another basic from H&M, which I really like, and the sunglasses are also from H&M I think. My shorts are Levi knock offs from Thailand and my cardigan is from a charity shop (okay this outfit makes me seem like the ultimate cheapskate..) Then the tights and New Balance trainers combo carried over (I just can’t convince myself to wear shorts without tights, maybe one day when I’ve only been eating kale for a month or two). This outfit also features my attempts at French Plaits on myself, which are getting better, but just aren’t really up to scratch.

Girl with hair in plaits poses in front of blue wall

Girl with hair in plaits looks at mural of otter on blue wallGirl wearing sunglasses with hair in plaits stands in front of otter mural

Day Three

I went for jeans, because we went on a Night Tour, and San Francisco is very, VERY windy. And foggy. I also bought that scarf about two minutes before this photo was taken, in preparation for the wind on top of a tour bus. I do not remember the name of the shop, but it was somewhere in the middle of Haight Ashbury! (PS do not wear sandals on a windy night tour)

I was unhappy with my hair all day that day, hence the slightly resigned expression, as it is just so BIG. (No that is not any form of an innuendo) I’m quite sad you can’t really see my top in these photos, as I bought it in the Zara sale at the airport and it’s so prettyyyyy. I never thought I could pull off peplum but it’s not too harsh in the lines and I absolutely love it. My jeans are Jamie jeans from Topshop (my favourite jeans) and my sandals are from Asda.

Girl with ginger hair stands in front of graffiti wall

Girl with ginger hair stands in front of graffiti wall

Day Four

This was my favourite day, both in what we did and what I wore (see my previous post about the amazing swing at the University of California). This is an outfit I was saving for the whole holiday, I knew it would go together so well and I don’t really think it would look bad on anyone. It wasn’t the best choice for a hike but oh well, at least I looked good! *hair flip*

The crop top is from Boohoo, which would have looked SO much better without my stylish sunburn, but it is so so flattering, and is a tamer version of the off the shoulder if (like me) you weren’t quite sure if it would suit you. The skirt is from Zara, and it was such an impulse buy at the airport as I normally never wear skirts longer than the knee because I think they make my legs look short, but I absolutely love it. These kind of skirts are very in at the moment and I’m so so glad I picked it up. I did have some pretty black sandals to pair with this outfit but decided they wouldn’t survive a hike, so sacrificed style slightly for my very worn in Asda sandals.

Girl wearing tulle skirt poses on stepsGirl wearing tulle skirt poses on steps

Girl wearing tulle skirt poses

I hope you enjoyed this post! I really want to start doing more lookbooks on this blog, which will be so much easier once I work less! Let me know if you liked it, and what was your favourite! I do need to get better at pairing accessories and shoes, they are my weak point at the moment!


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