Hello October

October seems the scariest month of the year to me (no not because of Halloween, I’m not that sad) but because you try and make summer last forever, and then when September comes it races by, and suddenly it’s October and it’s the lead-up to Christmas. October is the month where you realise everything you haven’t achieved in the past year that you were meant to, and when Autumn finally kicks in with a bang. I love autumn, but I hate the year running away from me.

Hello October

October is an even scarier month for me this year. I am starting a new job, a proper London job no less, I have to live away from my home and my boyfriend for 5 days a week to save on travel costs, and it’s finally time to do everything I’ve been putting off ‘until I had a new job.’

I want to exercise A LOT more and get generally fitter.

I want to read more and read more widely.

I want to update my wardrobe.

I want to write a lot more blog posts.

I want to do a lot more and try new things.

This all seem quite wide ranging, they are not specific really, and I’m going to see if I need to set myself more specific targets at the beginning of November.

I’m going to try and write about the books I’m reading, the exercise I’m doing, what I’m wearing and what I try and do while I’m living in a new place (with not much money to start with to be honest!) One of the points of this is also that I have to actually save a bit more money, as my savings keep getting dipped into for things I don’t really need, and in the past month especially I keep being a bit silly with money, which needs to stop. This means setting myself a budget of how much I can spend each month on clothes, make up, and food. (My three vices) Hopefully if I am blogging about it I will be strong in my actions.

October is (hopefully) the month of pushing myself a lot further. So hello, October – you absolutely terrify me!

What are your targets this month?


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