Not Fitting Into A Shape

The other day the above pictures came up as ‘Sponsored’ on my Instagram, I get that, I do a lot of online shopping, browsing, looking at pretty people’s outfits of each days, so I understand the aim. But I am not a shape. I am not a square, or a triangle, or an inverted triangle, or a rectangle, or a do-decagon (that’s 12 sides by the way), I am me.

Screenshot of Instagram - women's body shapeScreenshot of Instagram - women's body shape

I have struggled for years with the shape I am, the size I am, the way I look, as I know millions of other women (and men!) do, and nothing makes me angrier than seeing these kind of generalisations. All women (I’m sorry men, this isn’t quite as relevant to you, but if you want it to be relevant – MAKE IT RELEVANT – but I’m going to say ‘women’ for now) are beautiful. All women are different. Fashion for women used to be all the same, it used to be wearing a corset, tying it until you couldn’t breathe, and wearing a poofy skirt so the middle of you looked even smaller. This was making all women look the same, and do you know the wonder of fashion now? There’s so much choice!

You can wear skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, flared jeans, crazy jeans with frills at the bottom (I’m sorry, I just can’t stand them), you can wear bodycon, skater, midi, A-Line, maxi, whatever the hell you want! And the beauty about this is that we don’t all look the same. I could wear the exact same outfit as Gigi Hadid, and yes, I would look completely different. But I would still be beautiful. But I could wear the exact same dress as someone who is the same ‘shape’ as me, and do you know what? I would STILL look completely different. You can’t label people like that.

Wear whatever makes YOU feel gorgeous, and beautiful, and comfortable, and confident. Don’t wear what makes you think you’re a ‘square,’ or a ‘triangle.’ You’re already you, so you’re beautiful no matter what you wear.

Some people say that the generation of social media, are more comfortable with expressing ourselves, because there are just so many places to do it. You could upload a video on YouTube, you could write a blog, you could be sarcastic on Twitter, sassy on Snapchat, beautiful on Instagram. There are new ways everyday of watching other people and getting inspiration for everything. Women are being pushed to go farther, speak out, go places, fight harder, step up, and achieve loudly. But with all this growth comes a smack in the face, that you don’t look like that model, that blogger, that YouTube star. You ‘can’t’ wear those clothes, or do that make-up, or do that sport, because you’ve seen a thousand pretty pictures of a thousand pretty people doing it, and you compare yourself and suddenly it doesn’t feel like you can do it, because you’re not like them. Don’t be scared of that fact, don’t be sad at that fact, revel in it, dance in it, rejoice in it. You’re not like them, because you’re you, and you are not a shape that has to fit into a puzzle, you’re a picture all on your own, and you can make it however you want.


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