Mid Week Catch Up

(This blog idea is stolen from the great Dorkface)

I just find this sort of blog post really interesting to read, it’s only a little snippet of someone’s life, but it’s a little window into their day to day life, so I might start doing one every week (let’s not jinx that promise, we know what my timing is like..)

This week I have been…

Watching: Strictly Come Dancing (this has been for the last few weeks) Yes, I have morphed into an old lady. I watch Strictly, and I LOVE it. It’s so feel good and happy and it just makes me really want to start dancing! (So much so I even looked into ballroom dancing classes) I feel like it’s a lot more wholesome than other shows on at the same time, and I just love all the judges and how much they all put into it.

Reading: I finished this week ‘The Light Between Oceans’ by M. L. Stedman, which is an absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking book. My boss described it as ‘losing a piece of her soul,’ and to be honest, I would totally agree with that. I’m looking forward to going to see the film next weekend, even though I know I will get through a lot of tissues. I’ve now just started Mara Wilson’s autobiography, ‘Where Am I Now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame,’ to try and cheer my soul up a bit, and so far I’m loving it, she has a wonderful knack for telling stories.

Listening to: Shawn Mendes’ album ‘Illuminate.’ I just fall in love with his voice.

Drinking: Lots of different flavours of tea. My new job is in an office so I love making myself different teas throughout the day, my new favourite is fennel tea at the moment! Even though it smells like liquorice…

Eating: Overnight oats, I have been making these every morning to take with me to work in a little jar, and they make sure I stay nice and full until lunchtime. The ones I have been making this week are just with almond milk and raspberry yoghurt, with raspberries on top, but I want to try some different flavours and recipes.

Feeling: Confused about a lot of things, but also right in this moment of writing it, I’m feeling very content.

Looking forward to: Next weekend, already. And not coughing my lungs up every two seconds anymore – yay!

3 highlights of this week:

– Carving pumpkins with my boyfriend. This was lots of fun and they turned out a lot better than I thought they would!

– Driving lesson. Although it didn’t all go according to plan and I stalled quite a few times, I really feel like I’m getting somewhere with it.

– The Great British Bake Off Final. I was so sad and happy to watch the final episode, as it’s the last ever PROPER episode of Bake Off on the BBC, but I loved it so much and my favourite person of the series won which made it even better.

How about you?


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