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Hello everyone! My weeks aren’t the most exciting at the moment to be honest, which I’m kind of struggling with as I feel that I’m limiting myself and not really doing anything worthwhile. However, at the moment it’s not entirely my fault as I am very very poor and I also hate the rain so I’m hoping to have some more opportunities after payday…

This week I have been…

Watching: YouTube – I’m actually re-watching lots of old Vlogmas’s, which is making me feel so festive and excited and it just makes me feel so happy? Just the sound of little jingle bells is exciting me this year – I think because it’s my first year not working in retail in Christmas – yay!!

Reading: I have just finished ‘After You’ by Jojo Moyes, the sequel to ‘Me Before You’ (I haven’t actually seen the film yet??). When I bought it I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to read it… ‘Me Before You’ is such a bittersweet story, I didn’t know how to cope with the idea of a sequel? Normally when something that life changing happens in a story or a film, you are left to your own devices to imagine what comes next, you have to leave the characters behind, but ‘After You’ actually captures all the variety of feelings exceptionally well. The character of Louisa is like an old friend, and I actually raced to finish it I loved the characters so much.

Listening to: Songs that I’ve had on my iTunes since I was 14. Old school Taylor Swift anyone??

Drinking: Hot chocolate. Whether homemade with a Cadburys tub and water or a lavish one from Costa with cream and marshmallows, I have been loving hot chocolates. I’m not going to lie, I think I’ve had about one a day for the past week. They’re just so Christmassy and warm and cosy, and I have been enjoying the Christmas flavours too! Especially orange, because it’s basically Terry’s Chocolate Orange in a cup.

Eating: Jacket potatoes! I love these in winter they’re so warming and easy to make. Myself and my boyfriend made our own last week and then ended up buying some from a chip shop over the weekend as well, and you just can’t go wrong with beans and cheese.

Feeling: Festive, but also anxious this week? The weekends are getting harder to say goodbye to and I’ve been struggling with serious Sunday anxiety every weekend, and anxiety of even going out anywhere seems to be following.

Looking forward to: Going to Iceland this weekend! I’m going to try and get some lovely pictures.

3 highlights of this week:

– I bought Christmas pillows and bedding, and I love how lovely our bedroom looks now, we even have fairy lights over the bed now!

– Going to cinema with my other half to see ‘Doctor Strange’ with Benedict Cumberbatch – I went in with no knowledge or preconceptions about the films, and I absolutely loved it! It’s so visually impressive with the effects and I was hooked the whole time.

– Christmas chocolates. Do they need an explanation?

How about you?


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