Hello December

I know, I know, what a ground breaking post idea, but I love reading people’s little updates and hopes at the beginning of each month, so I’m going to force you to read mine too. (I mean, if you don’t want to you don’t have to)

I didn’t do one of these last month so I just read over my one from October, and it made me kind of sad? I haven’t really achieved much that I set out to do! But, to be fair, my life didn’t stay the exact same way I said, so it got a lot harder.

I feel much more settled in my ‘new’ job now, and feel that 85% of the time I know what I’m doing, which was what I struggled with most when I started, when I had no idea, but I now actually commute into London from where I live, which is the new bane of my existence. Although it makes me a lot happier to know I’m going home in the evenings, to my boyfriend and my mum and just my home, the actual travelling is really taking it out of me. To get there on time I have to get up at 5:30am, to sit on a coach that often crawls into London, and in the evenings I very rarely get home before 8, so that is a long day. I think I make it worse by thinking about it, and moaning about it, but with the weather being so miserable at the moment, I just can’t help it. I also just had a bit of a hard month because of the way the timings worked out in terms of wages, but now I’ve been there almost two months, I’m hoping it will all start working itself out.

So, after that little life update, here are the things I want to achieve/do in the month of December. (Seriously where has the year gone??)

1. Be more positive. Now I know this isn’t going to happen overnight and it’s 100% to do with my own mindset, but I’m going to try to challenge myself to find something positive in the day, and look at myself in the mirror and say something positive. Rather than always focusing on the fact that I’m stuck on a coach for at least 4 hours of my day, I will try and work towards using that time positively.

2. Drink more water. Every month, every month I say this, and every month I fail, but I really really need to in Winter, because my skin is not thanking this weather at all. Even though I have the bladder of an old lady, I always feel better when I actually drink enough.

3. Get my nose pierced and/or get my first tattoo. I keep pushing these things back because I never seem to have the money (yeh December is GREAT month to plan to spend more money on myself???) but I really want to do either one or both of these! It would also come under my permanent ‘try to do more new things’ list.

4. Do lots of Christmas activities like go to a Christmas Market, ice skating, Christmas baking, watching Christmas films, decorating my room, AS MUCH AS I POSSIBLY CAN. But seriously, what do people suggest in terms of what fun Christmas things to do?

5. Spend more time with my friends. I’m already managing this one because I’m seeing an old friend next week for coffee, I have a gig with my best friend next week and then it’s my friend’s birthday party so YES, I can carry on this trend!

I also want to carry on improving my blog this month and improve my photos/content, but I think this will be an aim for every month, so I won’t limit it to December!

What are your December plans? I really want this month to be quite long as my favourite part of Christmas is the lead up – anyone else?


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