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Hello everyone! This week has been a hard week to dedicate any time to the blog, as I got back from Iceland, went straight back to work, had a weekend that was meant to be doing nothing and ended up doing lots of things with my boyfriend, and then back to work again, so I promise more interesting posts are coming!

This week I have been…

Watching: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (slowly, as I’m still only two episodes in, and had to hopscotch through twitter furiously to avoid spoilers). I’m the worst person for just giving into spoilers so I’m quite proud of myself for not caving yet. It’s been really hard to keep up with anything at the moment as there is just so much I want to watch! Also I got so so excited at the fact that Netflix lets you download now… but then they didn’t include this, I was heartbroken!

Reading: Still trawling my way through ‘American Pastoral’ by Philip Roth – it’s the most challenging book I have made myself read in a while, and I really want to say that I’ve read it, but the beginning especially was such a hard slog. I got really into it one night in Iceland when the Internet gave out, but as I commute on a coach, in the dark, I’m finding it really hard to carve out time to finish it. I find Roth’s writing style quite dense and some of his inner monologues quite hard to deal with, but I am enjoying it overall.

Listening to: Christmas music – I downloaded whole albums of the stuff onto my boyfriend’s phone to listen to when we were in the car, and nothing makes me happier than singing along loudly and embarrassingly. I don’t think he would agree.

Drinking: Not enough! Definitely not enough water intake this week, when I woke up on Monday night before going back to work, I felt like I might die I was so dehydrated. I really have to kick my habit of ignoring my need to have a drink.

Eating: Christmas chocolates, and an amazing potato bake I made this weekend for my boyfriend’s parents! Pizza potato bake, I used a recipe from Facebook and it was absolutely amazing. I might do a post soon on my potato bakes because they are INSANE. Too much cheese…. but who really cares?

Feeling: Like I’m definitely putting on my Christmas hibernation layer – but also excited for everything coming up and the holiday season. I love giving people presents!

Looking forward to: Two weeks of work left and then a week off for Christmas! Also looking forward to wrapping all my Christmas presents (i’m really bad at it but I really enjoy it)

3 highlights of this week:

– Winchester Christmas Market with my boyfriend. We drove there on Saturday and had a really nice day out shopping. We spent quite a lot on ourselves in the shops rather than buying Christmas presents, but it was so nice to go somewhere different and spend the day with him. We were going to go ice skating but we’ve decided to spread out our Christmas events right up until Christmas!

– 30 years of Cooking Vinyl Records gig. My best friend bought us tickets for Christmas, and it was so much fun to go to a little personal gig with her again. I love acoustic sets and especially acoustic guitar, and it was so much fun and so chilled I loved it.

– Tidying my room so that I could actually see the floor. I finally had a day off which I could just dedicate to tidying, and strangely I quite enjoyed it, and I especially enjoyed the space we had afterwards! Am I getting old??

How about you?


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