i think i’m in love…

So last week I discovered Le Happy (or Luanna) and I think I’m in love. I absolutely love her effortless style and the way she can dress for different moods, as sometimes I feel I want to look one way and other days I feel completely different, and it’s frustrated m sometimes that I never fit into a categorised ‘style.’ I’m very easily influenced by other people, and am known to go on a massive shopping spree because of what someone else is wearing, but I feel that I am still searching for my ‘look,’ and if I could ever look like Luanna I would be living in my dreams!

I feel like I’ve never been too sure on my identity, and my struggle with fashion is something that has always contributed to this, and I always feel that there is ‘one thing missing,’ and I’m not happy until I have it, and then there is always something else. Something I struggle with on a day to day basis is feeling jealous of other people, because I don’t feel secure in the way I look – or it is very rare that I feel secure in the way I look, but I feel like my whole life is a combination of eclecticism – so why should my style be any different?

I like a lot of different music, different books, I like different food, and doing different things, so why should I try and limit myself to one way of dressing? If one day I want to look pretty and cute, and the next day hipster and 90s, that should be okay, and I should start feeling able to try and dress whatever I feel like. Just like the fact that this blog has no real theme! Maybe I’m the human version of that season of One Tree Hill, where they play the theme song each time, but sung by a different person. I’m still me, but I can be different everyday.

Here are some of her looks that I absolutely love at the moment:

Also now DESPERATE to dye my hair very red and even more determined to get my nose pierced!

Whose fashion is really inspiring you lately?


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