Letter Series: To Myself as a Twenty Four Year Old

Hey there,

I’m writing this on your (mine? our?) 23rd birthday. I’m sat at work, at a job I handed my notice into this week, because I don’t want to commute to London anymore. I think that unless it’s your dream job, it’s more important to have a life, and a fully developed life, so I decided to stop. I hope you still feel that was the right decision, and I hope you have more of a life than I do. I hope you’ve found a nice job, and a hobby (maybe 2?), I hope you’ve developed and nurtured your friendships and your relationship more, and I really hope you’ve moved out and are living somewhere new.

At the moment I’m still struggling from the setbacks of 2016, I often feel quite adrift in the world, and not anchored or certain what I’m meant to be doing. I know there’s no necessary list or format I have to follow, it would just be nice to have a bit more direction, a bit more meaning in the decisions I’m making. Did you travel at all in 2017? I hope you did. I hope you got to see some new places, experience new things. It’s hard to save money right now, but I’m putting my faith in you! I hope you’re still with Scott, and that you’re happy, because he makes me so happy right now. Sometimes we bicker and we argue like teenagers, but it’s always okay in the end. It’s always wonderful in the end.

I didn’t really set ‘resolutions’ for this year, so I can’t really press you as to whether you achieved them, but I hope you’re happier in yourself now? I have good days and bad days, how about you? I hope you’ve learnt to love exercise again, I really miss it at the moment. I hope you’re more adventurous? I think I’ve retreated into myself a bit lately, I did that personality test again recently with everyone from work, and I was more introverted than I remember. Something about the past year has done that to me, so I’m hoping 2017 will be kind and inviting. I’m never overcome with needing to imagine what my life will be like, 1, 5 or 10 years from now, I always struggle with that question in interviews, because I’ve always been bad at planning. Planning essays, planning routes, planning blog posts, my life, I never could manage all that. (If this is a recruiter reading this, I’m super organised though…..). I’m not anxious to find out where you are this time next year, in fact I’d really really like this year to go slow, but I know that’s not going to happen. The less percentage of your life a year makes up, the faster it goes.

Well, wherever you are, whatever’s happening, I know you can do it. If you’re anything like me (ha) you’ll sometimes feel like it’s all just too much, that it’s going to trip you up and not let you get back up because you don’t know where you’re going (at all!!) but we’ve got this far, and although I’m struggling with some parts of my life, I’m still okay. So I know you’ll be okay too. We’re tougher than we think, okay?

Are you still blogging? Have you got better at figuring it all out, and knowing and trusting what you write? Have you learnt to drive yet? I keep putting it off, I just want it over and done with because I hate getting things wrong. You probably know that, I can’t imagine that changing. We’ll always be like that, I think. Have you moved cities? Have you found a career? Have you at least found something you like doing?

Let me know.


Comparison Table

Age: 23

Favourite food: Chocolate (atm loving chocolate eclairs) and pasta

Last book read: Those We Left Behind (Stuart Neville)

Watching at the moment: This is Us, just finished Stranger Things, rewatching Gilmore Girls

Piercings/Tattoos: Closed up ear piercings, one nose piercing 1 week old

Living: Oxford

Working: Sales Operations Assistant at PRH


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