Eleven things nobody will tell you about getting a nose piercing

Apologies in advance for my awful flatlays. I’m a work in progress..

So one of my aims for the New Year was to do more things that challenge myself, more things out of my comfort zone. More things that I’ve though ‘ooh that would be cool,’ and then chickened out at the last minute.

To be honest, it’s been a pretty slow start to the year, as I am horrendously poor right now, which has limited my adventurous intentions, and I have also had to come to a difficult decision about my job (read about it here) However, one thing I did manage to do 2 weeks ago, was get my nose pierced! I have been talking about doing this for what feels like months, but there was always a reason not to, or I just forgot. Finally, two Saturdays okay, myself and Scott both remembered at the same time, and we actually had the time to do it. We ended up going to three different places: the first didn’t have a piercer until 4, the second was closed for refurbishment, and finally the third, we rang to check first, and then walked in. I was absolutely fricking terrified, as I am not good with pain, and it has been about 6 years since I last had a needle put into my body for a piercing (my ear piercings have since closed up anyway). Anyway, the lady did it, with a needle, it hurt and my eyes watered, but I did not hold my boyfriend’s hand, and I did not cry so I was quite proud of myself really. My parents then failed to notice that anything was different, as the stud is so small, so to be honest it felt a bit anticlimactic. However, I just want to get through the first 6 weeks so I can have a nose ring! (I’m apparently so basic…)

Here are some things that no one ever tells you before you get your nose pierced:

1. Your nostrils might be two different sizes. Mine definitely are, and the side I had pierced is much, much smaller. Meaning, when it swelled up, I couldn’t overly breathe through that side.

2. Never thought about what side of your face you use to kiss your other half? THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE HAND. Otherwise some nice kisses can end up being SUPER painful.

3. Bogies get stuck. Oh yeah, and it’s gross, and you can feel them, and trying to pick them out with a cotton bud is not nearly as satisfying as putting your finger up your nose.

4. It actually doesn’t hurt to sneeze as much as you think.

5. You will accidentally rip it half out or all the way out at least once, and it will be even more painful than getting it done in the first place.

6. People will always follow up a comment on it by asking ‘Your tongue next then?’ Like, no. No.

7. Blowing your nose becomes a lot harder, and a lot messier.

8. It will look like it’s sunk into your nose for a little while, which is gross and kind of disconcerting.

9. Taking a selfie that clearly shows off your tiny, tiny stud, is actually really hard.

10. You don’t realise how much you take selfies of the OTHER side of your face until you want to feature your new accessory.

11. You will not realise how many times, daily, you flare, itch, rub or generally touch your nose. Apparently flaring my nose is a habit of mine, but right now, it really, really hurts. Which makes me flare it again.

Totally worth it though (well, it will be once I can have a nose ring)


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