mid week catch up

(This blog idea is stolen from the great Dorkface)

This week I have been…

Watching: Gossip Girl (for at least the fourth time), I enjoyed having it as background noise while I tried to apply for jobs, but now I’m absolutely hooked again! I used to religiously only watch the first season but I’m really enjoying the later ones at the moment. Also, dem flip phones?? Never realised how old it was!

Reading: How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell, such an interesting memoir, but I also can only read a few chapters at a time because I feel so stressed about her life!

Listening to: La La Land soundtrack! I like the film but wasn’t absolutely blown away, but I love love the music.

Drinking: Pink Grapefruit squash, I get bored of water so easily and squash is slightly more sugar friendly than like Ribena, which I was previously drinking…

Eating: Pasta pasta pasta.

Feeling: Sneezy, but also hopeful.

Looking forward to: Seeing lots of my friends this weekend.

3 gratitude moments of this week:

1. I am grateful for my friends, as I spent a really fun weekend in London this week, and it was so nice to spend quality time with them and be somewhere ‘different.’

2. I am also grateful for brunch, and dogs, because we had an amazing brunch, and also saw so many dogs on our walk, and seeing dogs also cheers me up.

3. Finally, I am grateful for my mum, who has saved so many things from my childhood, and I’ve had so much fun looking through loads of drawings and certificates and birthday cards.

How has your week been?


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