10 Reasons I am not a Beauty Blogger

I have always struggled with defining what blog niche I fit into, I have a lot of half-hearted interests and nothing I am amazing at or feel I am an expert at, so I thought I would start by saying what I am not. I love makeup, I love watching makeup tutorials and buying new makeup, but I am definitely, definitely not an expert, so below are ten reasons why I am not a beauty blogger!

1. My nail varnish is always chipped, if I even have any on my nails.

2. My hair is in awful condition, and I constantly pick my split ends.

3. I can’t blow dry my hair, or style it in any way. Ponytail erryday…

4. I can never stop mascara going on my eyelid.

5. I do not drink enough water. Ever. Or get enough sleep.

6. I still sometimes use makeup wipes even though I know they’re bad for my skin.

7. I always fail at wearing any sort of lip product despite constantly buying new ones.

8. I’m so bad at doing my eyebrows. Everyday they are a different shape and far from being sisters, I don’t think they’re even friends.

9. I don’t actually know what skin type I have. I thought I had quite normal skin, but now it seems to be telling me it’s quite oily, randomly. And yet dry skin all over my nose. Who knows?

10. I own one high end product, and that was a present.


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