Thirteen things to do when you’re sad

1. Hug someone. Nothing makes my heart feel more full than a big hug from my mum.

2. Buy something. Now I don’t mean spend your entire life savings on a designer pair of shoes, or a really stupid purchase like a canoe, but maybe treat yourself to that skirt you’ve had your eye on, or that book you’ve always wanted to read.

3. Paint. Draw. Write. Create something. When I’m upset, I find it often comes hand it hand with feel useless or worthless, and no one in the whole world can create what you can create, so just try.

4. Travel somewhere different. Again, I advise restraint! Don’t book an expensive flight to Australia (or do, if you can, I mean, I definitely would if I could!) but go somewhere with some friends, somewhere fresh and new and just go explore.

5. Watch a shitty film. My personal favourite film is ‘What’s Your Number?’ even though it is absolute shit, because a) Chris Evans is deliciousss in it and b) it just makes my heart happy. My favourite break up film, however, is ‘Begin Again’ which is not as shitty, but is more meaningful to me.

6. Do some exercise. Whatever works for you really, I can’t stand running so I didn’t even want to try that, but going for a swim really clears my head and is really calming for me. Get some adrenaline and endorphins running through you and get rid of all the other stuff.

7. In the words of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – dance it out. Put on some loud music, old school Taylor Swift for me, maybe some good 90s classics, and just flipping dance. And sing, as loud as you can. In the shower, is also fun (don’t dance as much though as you might die)

8. Eat some delicious, very bad for you food. For me, it’s Cadbury’s Caramel Nibbles, alllll the way. Maybe it’s crisps, popcorn, ice cream, whatever it is, eat it, and damn well enjoy it.

9. Play Mario Kart. Invite a friend over, and have a few tightly fought Mario Kart races, and you’ll soon feel your heart pumping again, and you’ll be so concentrated on winning you won’t even notice you’re sad anymore.

10. Have a bath. Pour a shit ton of bubblebath in that bath, get some Youtube or Bakeoff on, or a good book, and just relax. Relaxing is so hard when you’re upset or anxious or stressed, but it makes all the difference.

11. Go for a drive. I’ve only recently discovered this one, but driving with the radio on, singing along to all the songs, really lifts my spirits.

12. Tidy up. Donate some things to charity, clear some things out. I always feel more fulfilled when something is tidier, or when I’ve finally sorted something out that needed sorting.

13. Finally, make a plan. Plan for anything, I feel so much less weighed down when I have something that I’m aiming for, whether that’s a holiday you want to save for in the next year, or something you’re going to buy, or a career you’re going to work towards, give yourself something to aim for, and you’ll feel that you have purpose again.

What do you do when you’re sad?


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