Nine things I’m proud of this year

It has, in many regards, been quite a shit year, so I wanted to make a list of things I’ve done so far this year that I’m proud of, because that is something I really really struggle with – taking credit and acknowledging the little things.

I am not even close to where I want to be, and I’m not really even achieving what I want to, but for right now, that’s okay, I just need to remember the little things.

1. I got paid for writing

In February this year I was unemployed and waiting for a job to start, and for the first time in my life, I followed up on an opportunity. There was an upcoming travel website asking for articles (although I can’t find this website anywhere now…hmmm) and I actually challenged myself to write quite a few articles. It wasn’t a crazy amount of money, but looking back I am really proud of myself for this, as I often chicken out of writing for other people, because I don’t have enough faith in myself. The only other times I got paid for writing, that I remember, were getting a ‘funny story’ published in Shout magazine (£10 which I couldn’t even cash because I wrote it under a fake name…smooth) and when I won a poetry competition for which I won fifty whole pounds. (My English teacher wanted to reward us with something other than book tokens).

2. I passed my driving test

One of the biggest things for me my whole life was learning to drive, because neither of my parents do, and so when people at school started learning, I just didn’t see the point – it was expensive, and I wouldn’t have a car to do anything with. Last year, I finally started learning, and this year I finally passed my test – third time lucky. Although, the times I failed were probably the most frustrating things in the world, because both times I got 1 or no minors. Last month, I managed to get my own car, and I love it so much. It’s my baby – my little Pumpkin, and although I still stall a lot, I bloody love it.

3. I make phone calls on a daily basis

Small victories guys – small victories. I used to be absolutely petrified at making phone calls, I would avoid them at all costs, I would wait for my phone to stop ringing so I could text someone asking what they wanted, and I would spend hold music intervals persuading myself not to hang up. I now answer and make phone calls everyday, my work depends on it, and I don’t hesitate at all about it anymore. It’s just a way of life (like it probably was for everyone else already).

4. I went to a Bloggers Event by myself

On 2nd September I travelled to

Scarlett London’s Bloggers Festival by myself, and to be completely honest, the second I got there, I regretted it. I felt out of place and awkward, and kind of like a fraud, comparing myself to all the ‘real’ bloggers.’ I was rescued by the lovelyOlivia, and it turned out we felt similarly, and then we met Hannah, and it was great fun. I made new friends and tried to stop comparing myself to the people around me, and I’m so happy I challenged myself to go. Even though I still clam up in new situations, maybe one day I’ll get better at it.

5. I drove on a motorway and put fuel in my car

I know this isn’t a big deal to most people, it’s not even a big deal to me now really, but when I got my car – it really was. For the past 2 years I have relied a lot on my ex boyfriend, especially when it came to anything car, driving or tech related, and he offered to come on a motorway with me, and I asked him to show me how to put fuel in the car, and then one day I just decided to do both these things, by myself. It might be a small thing, but sometimes I need reminding that I can do these things by myself.

6. I built a flat pack

Like I said above, this hasn’t ever been something I’ve had to worry about – I’ve always had a boy around to do it for me, but with the help of my friend Alice, we successfully made a shelving unit for my room. We may have glued the backboard on, and we may have accidentally stuck this on the wrong way round, but it still looks pretty good, and every time I see it it reminds me that I can boss life, at least at about 40%.

7. I got a tattoo and two new piercings

I’ve written before about being fed up of being the ‘nice girl‘ and wanting to escape this – this year I did some spontaneous things, and I now have one tattoo (more to follow), a nose piercing (this I actually had to get done twice) and a helix piercing (still not healed for anyone that is interested). In some ways my tattoo reminds me of my last relationship, but in other ways, it is the one thing that is completely and utterly mine, and I love it.

8. I visited a new country

This year I went to Dubrovnik in Croatia with my friends and I loved it. I would love to be able to set myself a challenge of visiting a certain number of new countries or places a year, but my budget currently will not allow for that unfortunately! When we went to Croatia I wasn’t in the best place emotionally, but I’m so thankful for the girls I went with, and for the chance to be able to see another beautiful country.

9. I moved house

I was umming and ahhing about keeping this one on here, because I’m sure you all know how this one turned out, but even though the end event was pretty shit, I’m still proud of myself for the house/home I made, even if it was only for a few months. It’s given me trust in myself that I can do, at least some adult things.

What have you done this year that you’re proud of?


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