Stop Apologising for Making Yourself Happy

So it is getting scarily close to Christmas which means it is getting scarily close to the New Year and all those Facebook posts about what everyone’s going to change in 2018. Like them or loathe them – they are coming your way. I’m getting kind of tired of making promises that I can’t keep, because it kind of brings me down when I don’t succeed, so I’m only to make one, and it’s about something I’m not going to do anymore. I’m not going to feel guilty for things that I enjoy anymore, because if I enjoy it, I shouldn’t feel guilty. For example, I am not going to feel guilty about watching romantic comedies anymore, and I’m doing this with the help of Oled TV Panasonic.*

Flatlay of romantic comedies and popcorn with title overlaying

Why is there such a stigma attached to ‘rom coms?’ Why is it considered so pathetic and girly to like them? I remember being in school we used to make fun of our male friend who liked ‘girly’ films and even in my last relationship I would actively stop myself from suggesting romantic comedies to watch, suggesting action films or cartoons, just because I felt so embarrassed.

When did this become a thing I do? When did I become embarrassed about the things that I like, and automatically hide them for being ‘too girly?’

I love romantic comedies, I love heavily unrealistic scenes with music playing in the background that you add in your head to your own life, I love predictable scenes with over the top facial expressions, and I love happy endings. I love even 5 minutes of a film making me believe that one day, I will too have a happy ‘ending,’ a moment where everything will come together. In this world, with everything going on, I don’t think wanting a bit of happiness, hope or cheesiness is anything to be ashamed of. If something makes you happy, or makes you feel better, even if only for an hour and half, that is truly important for your wellbeing.

My favourite film ever, yes above Harry Potter, above classic films, above iconic Disney films…. Is called ‘What’s Your Number?’ It stars Anna Faris and Chris Evans, and it is awful. Yes, truly awful (I also mention it here), it is predictable, with bad acting and cringe worthy comedy (including an awful British accent cameo), and a very shirtless Chris Evans, but do you know what? That film makes me happy. I know that I can watch it and immediately feel happier, and feel like myself, and I am fed up of being ashamed of that. I am not worth any less because I choose to watch simple things, it doesn’t make me any less smart, I could read Tolstoy if I wanted, but god wouldn’t that just bring the mood down?

Other classic, awful romantic comedies I am a big fan of include: 13 Going on 30 (Hello ageless Mark Ruffalo circa 2004), Clueless (old school Paul Rudd – hello), About Time (so awkwardly British), Love Actually (I’m a big Bill Nighy fan okay) and Sydney White. If I want to sit on my sofa with a tub of chocolate, lots of blankets and watch a film that makes my heart feel a little bit lighter, ain’t nobody going to stop me. I hope you can all join me this New Year with this resolution – if you enjoy something, stop apologising for it.

Flatlay of romantic comedies and popcornFlatlay of romantic comedies and popcorn

What’s your guilty pleasure you’re going to start openly enjoying this New Year?

*this post is sponsored but all words and opinions are my own


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