A New Year’s Post

I already wrote in my last post (read that here) about not making unrealistic New Years resolutions this year, because I could easily make a list including the words ‘gym’ ‘exercise’ ‘kale’ and in a week or two I would feel so deflated at the fact I had done nothing about it. I mean, if those kind of resolutions work for you, that’s amazing, you do you, go smash that workout regime and make me jealous of your butt. I don’t want to start off this year automatically feeling like I’m not achieving anything, especially as my birthday is this month, so I want to ensure I’m doing more things for me, and try and keep small things going the whole year – like a year long casual to do list.

See my list below – and do share yours with me as well!

Girl stands in front of river and houses holding hair and looking downGirl stands in front of river and houses wearing a blue hat and holding a bagGirl stands in front of river and houses holding hair and looking down wearing a blue hat

1) Read more.

Now I truly admire people who aim to read a certain amount of books per month or year, and I know I don’t have the ability to do that, but I am going to be open ended in this and push myself to read more than I have done since completing my degree. Whether that’s 1 or 10 books a month, I need to spend less time on my phone pointlessly refreshing apps and stretch my mind a little bit more.

2) Communicate more with the people in my life.

I have a bad habit of retreating into my own little world and not really checking in with people, andn this needs to be something I change gradually. This includes my friends, my mum, and my grandparents, who aren’t doing so well, and I don’t want to feel like I could have done more.

3) Grow my blog.

This is a very vague one, because I don’t want to scare myself away. I made some big strides with my blog this year and I need to keep this going, and keep up my confidence in myself and my ability to do it. This also includes improving my blog photography, as I did actually buy an Olympus Pen last year and now I need to use it!

4) Make healthier choices.

I am not going to set myself any proper goals with this because I am a chocolate fiend through and through, but I am going to try and do more exercise I love (like swimming) or just choosing to walk places instead of driving, and sometimes putting the chocolate down. Also drinking more water and spending more time outside because my skin is crying out for some TLC.

5) Take more risks.

I am, at heart, a wimp, and I really want to work on this. The other week I went to a trampoline park and it took 10 minutes of convincing before I would even try to flip (I’m crap, by the way) and I want to do more things like this that challenge me not to be so afraid of hurting myself, because I’m going to look back in a few years and regret not doing things like that when I had the chance.

6) Be creative

This is going to be a challenging one for me and I know that because I tend to lose motivation very early on. I want to learn to play guitar, for one, I want to work on my drawings and paintings, and enjoy writing again. My creativity needs to be nurtured, and I want to make it a priority this year.

7) Chill the f*** out

I have a tendency to be a bit high strung (and anxious, obviously) and I really want to focus this year on chilling out a bit more. I know this one won’t be easy, and it will be slow progress, but hopefully I can be a bit more relaxed about certain things. (specifically money, and maybe tidying)

Girl stands in front of river and houses holding hair and looking down holding floral bag

So, here’s to my first blog post of 2018! What do you all want to work towards this year?

What I’m Wearing

Dress: I can’t remember! But similar here

Bag: New Look (similar here and here)


Boots: Topshop (similar here and here)


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