January: Getting through the Monday of the Year

Lets all be honest, January has the ability to be one of the shittest months. I say that as a January baby as well. You’re either stumbling back to work in a cheese and chocolate haze, scribbling out the wrong ate on everything, or you work in a job that never stops and you’ve spent the past few weeks in a sea of resentment and scrabbling for the Christmas spirit, and then January rolls around. You’re thrown out of a self induced coma into a world of health kicks, budgeting, and expecting the weather to get warmer but it just keeps getting colder.

Flatlay of diary for January, pen and painted printFlatlay of diary for January, pen and painted print

There is nothing wrong with being one of those organised people, who get up early to go to go the gym, make smoothies and stick to their New Years resolutions (I’ve written a post on my more casual New Years resolutions here) but there is also nothing wrong with not being one of those people. The internet makes it easy to feel guilty for not smashing your todo list on the first January, but we’re only human. Most people in the office are probably handing round the lergy and the frosty nights mean that sitting wrapped in a duvet with a hot chocolate watching Friends reruns (now entire 10 seasons on Netflix whaaaaaat) is all too tempting.

So, you know what? Don’t punish yourself. Not all Mondays can be great, and not all New Years have to start off running, because that just makes it more likely that you’re going to trip and fall (I know, I know, I’m so deep).

Beth Sandland published a post the other day which kinda of inspired this one, about getting rid of that Internet negativity in your life (read here) so I wanted to talk about banishing them ‘January blues.’

This includes:

1. ignoring social media ‘New Year’ posts if you need to. Supporting other people is important, but if watching other people seemingly sail through January makes you miserable – skip it. You do you.

2. Getting enough sleep. I for one, am entering January feeling the opposite of refreshed and I feel like I’m probably not the only one! I now have a super sexy cold, which makes sleeping even easier when you wake yourself up by snoring and coughing all in one.

3. Eating that leftover Christmas chocolate. Yes, you heard me, eat it. I mean, maybe not all at once (although obviously, you can if you want) but those days you feel down, those really awful first few days at work when you get home and celery just isn’t going to cut it – eat the chocolate. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and chocolate is something that makes life worth living (just me?)

4. Writing a to do list an not doing a single thing on it. Maybe burn it if you want because life isn’t all about ticking things off a list (ironic as I write this list post).

5. Taking down the Christmas decorations. I’m guilty, mine are still up, and I love looking at my little twinkly tree lights but if you’re really finding starting anything hard – whether that be your resolution to home cook meals every night or to call your parents more – taking the decorations down is the final show of starting a New Year. If you don’t do this until the 10th of January, that’s okay, but it’s an easy thing to start with that has a big impact on feeling slightly more put together. (7th of January – editing this post – I have now done this, winning!)

Flatlay of diary for January, pen and painted print

Flatlay of painted print and edge of diary

This time of year can be hard on people as it is so easy to feel that you’re underachieving, but just like having slightly more casual resolutions – make the whole of January a bit more chilled. It’s a New Year, enjoy what you can.

(These pictures featuring my new print from the gorgeous Dorkface – make sure to check out her stuff!)


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