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This post is a little late for Mother’s Day, but I wanted to write it anyway. My mum doesn’t need a whole day dedicated to her, she deserves a million days, because she is always creating things that are bigger than her.


mum laughing and daughter stand in front of mountain and city view
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When Brexit happened, when that result came out, my mum was shocked and horrified. My mum always puts other people above herself, and this scenario was no different. She took up arms against the small minded people of the country and hasn’t stopped since.

For the last 15 years my mum has made relationships with people all over the world. For most cities, the ‘twinned’ cities most likely mean nothing, especially to the general citizens of the place. It’s a nice thought, that there are people in a random city across the world that are ‘twinned’ with you, but that sign at the entrance of the town is just that -a sign, with words, that probably no one takes much notice of. For my mum – she took those small, meaningless words, and turned them into 15 year friendships, experiences, concerts, holidays, lifelong relationships. She scoffed in the face of people that didn’t believe in global communities before she even knew she had to, and I know she will never stop.

mum and daughter standing on logs looking at each other

Last week I went to Grenoble (twinned with Oxford) with my mum, and our theatre company. This follows a previous trip they did (I didn’t go) last year to Bonn (also twinned with Oxford). Both times, we have done a performance of West Side Story, both times, it was stupendous, and both times, it was down to my mum. My mum that has fought so many wars through her life, that she doesn’t even think twice of fighting them for other people. Those performances we did blew people away, and every time, my mum blows me away. The work we did, reminds everyone of how wonderful life can be. We were looked after by host families in the city, all at ridiculously short notice, the Mayor welcomed us, and the whole city shouted about how much they loved us. So sad to think that 51% of our country wouldn’t do the same, and yet, we are just the same.

My mum is that rare breed of human that creates magic just by thinking about it. I know she is not perfect and believe me when I say, we clash sometimes. She is not always magical in herself, but if you know her, you know that she is always there to create magic for others. In a teaching career that spans over 20 years, she remembers everyone, and she will make you feel like the only person that matters. She has created a community around her that love her endlessly, and she is honest about her own struggles so no one puts her on a pedestal, but she deserves one. She deserves more than a daughter who endlessly borrows money from her and moved out twice in one year, and I will always be thankful that I always know her love will be there to welcome me home. She isn’t your typical mum, and I am so glad for that. I am so glad for the things I have done over the years, that because of her I can play piano to a Grade 8 standard (at least that’s what I tell people), that I have played some amazing musical theatre roles because my mum believed in me, and she believed in a small idea I had when I was 15. I have been to some amazing countries because of her and seen cities from a whole different perspective. I have been a part of a musical community in the city I grew up in without really appreciating that probably, they would all welcome me in if I needed it.

Mum and daughter take a selfie in front of theatre

People often say that we have a good relationship, and I think we are honestly learning that. Although I know she doesn’t like that I am far away, I think it has helped us in certain ways. I understand her more, I think, and I hope she understands me more, too. My mum has never once judged me for a bad decision I have made, I think she knows we are cut from the same cloth and I love that I will always have a big part of her in me. Although I don’t think I can ever live up to her legacy, and we are our own people, I wanted to write something – because my mum believes in my writing – that tries to explain to her how thankful I am for her. For who she is, and what she does. People expect a lot from my mum, and as my last post explained, I struggle with that, but she seems to meet them every single time.

I love you, Mum. I love the battles you have chosen to fight, and the shining light of inspiration you are for everyone around you. You are endlessly patient and kind, beyond necessity, and thank you.



Mum and child sit on bench smiling

Mum and daughter playing music on recorders

Mum and daughter pose smiling holding drinks

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