13 Everyday Annoyances

Hello you lovely lot, how’s everyone doing today? You know I struggle with list posts due to being a very un-funny person, but you know what? I’m going to keep trying – just to challenge myself not to just word vomit every single day. Here are 13 everyday annoyances that, lets face it, happen more often than we want them to. Those little things that grate on your last nerve, but pass quickly, and happen again when you’d forgotten it had every happened before. The annoyances that have probably happened a million times or more, and they just keep happening.

Flatlay of two pictures, a necklace, socks, glasses and postcards

1.  Burning that little flap of skin behind your top teeth. I find this especially annoying when it happens with that first bite of pizza, PIZZA YOU WERE MEANT TO LOVE ME. Betrayed. It doesn’t feel normal again for days and you waste so much time constantly running your tongue over it.

2. Someone overtaking you when you’re doing the speed limit. This especially frustrates me because I have a black box, and I am eternally doomed to drive exactly at the speed limit, but when people overtake me for no reason (it’s not like I’m doing 20 in a 50?) it really, really grates on me, and I like to mutter into my steering wheel to convey this to them.

3. Making your bath that tiny bit too cold, and feeling that sense of disappointment as you fully immerse yourself and know that in a few minutes it’s just not going to feel the same.

4. Leaving your teabag in too long. When you’re desperately looking forward to that one cup of tea and it just doesn’t taste right, is it too British to say it ruins part of your day?

5. When someone confirms plans you really didn’t want to go to, and you get that sinking feeling as you think wistfully of your bed and another Netflix box set.

6. Only finding one sock that matches. This is my ultimate pet peeve because my boyfriend doesn’t really care if  his socks match or not, but this weekend I spent a good hour sorting through a pile of about 100 socks trying to match as many as possible, and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND where all the other socks go, but I hope they’re having a party somewhere.

7. Forgetting to blend your concealer near your chin and not realising until the middle of the day. This is a common problem for me because every concealer I own is slightlyyyyy too orange for me (pale problems) and so if I don’t pay attention to my blending, I look like I’m reliving my teenage years.

8. The shop having every size available apart from yours, and trying to decide whether you can squeeze yourself in the next size down or whether it will look as nice as you imagine with a belt, and let’s face it, neither of this work most of the time!

9. Paying with your card and then finding the correct change in your pocket. I don’t know at what point I became          my mother with my need to pay with exact change, but here we are.

10. Reaching for the last sweet in a packet and realising you already ate it. I speak as someone who eats a lot of food, and there is always an anticipation of the last bite – the last sweet – the last chocolate – the last piece, and a crushing feeling as you realise you already ate it, and you didn’t even get to appreciate it.

11. Thinking you’ve taken literally the most beautiful selfie to ever grace the earth, only to look at it later and realise you’ve got one eye half closed and a spot on your chin, or that it’s every so slightly out of focus.

12. Putting on an outfit you were really excited about for it to look like a small child playing dress up. I feel like this daily, and I am planning a blog post on the struggles I find with fashion in general, but for me it just puts put a downer on my way.

13. Making big plans for it to rain on the day (excuse me, isn’t it meant to be May??). I hate the rain (I’m trying not to but, baby steps) and I hate when you make a big plan only for the clouds to put a literal dampener on the day.

Flatlay of a necklace, socks, glasses and postcards


(these pictures are featuring art from Dorkface – her Etsy shop can be found here)

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