Why can’t we let people enjoy things?

Happiness: what a contentious topic, and I’ve written about it before. No one really understands it, and so few of us will ever actually grasp it, and so many more of us waste so much time trying to take enjoyment and happiness away from other people, no matter how small the issue.

Girl with red hair in striped jumper stands on grassGirl with red hair in striped jumper stands on grass

I first thought of this before the Royal Wedding. People were grasping such miserable pleasure from undermining the people talking and tweeting about looking forward to it and wanting to watch it. People throwing tax money facts at them, Princess Diana conspiracy theories, or just throwing the words ‘stupid’ at them. Would it be so hard, to just let those people be happy? To admit to yourself that you don’t like something, but that doesn’t mean you have to torture the people that do.

It’s come into the forefront again recently with the new series of Love Island. People making sure that they make public how much they dislike it, shouting from the rooftops how crap it is, how much they look down on it. Making sure to tell the people that get any level of enjoyment from it, that in case you haven’t heard, THEY DON’T LIKE IT.

I am in no way saying that people cannot dislike things. We are all different, we like different things and that’s the way the world is – thank goodness. However, it is possible to dislike things in proportion and in quieter and more respectful terms. You do not have to shove it in anyone’s face. We are all entitled to our own opinion, and in my most popular tweet to date (23 whole likes can I get a hell yeahhhh) I articulated it as “‘You do you’ but you’re not making anything any better by tearing down people with a different opinion to you.”

I mean, let’s face it – the world is a shitty, shitty place. We live in a world where animals go extinct every year, Donald Trump is President, buying a house is a pipe dream and gay marriage and abortion are still illegal in certain places. Our lows are lower, and yes, our highs can be higher, but they are shorter, and easier to lose. We ask more of happiness now than we ever did before, before now we are constantly comparing our happiness to other people’s, and does that make us more inherently jealous? More likely to try and tear down other people to our level because we can’t reach theirs? The world is an amazing place. Sometimes. We have more knowledge than we ever had before, we’ve experienced more of the world, we have more than we ever did before – higher highs, lower lows.

More often than not, rather than accepting that we are all at different pages of this book that keeps adding more chapters, we try to push people off where they’ve got to. Like I’ve explained, some parts of life are really shitty, so people deserve any happiness and enjoyment they can get. Whether that’s eating 241 pizza (yes looking at you Jamie Oliver), watching Love Island, reading a Mills and Boon or having a cheeky beer – just let people be happy. Let them forget for however long it lasts, that the world is a shitty place.

I’ll see you guys later, I’m off to watch QueerEye. Also apologies for the really old pictures that were clearly not taken in our recent heatwave.


Girl with red hair in striped jumper stands on grassGirl with red hair in striped jumper stands on grass

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