Twenty Five before 25

I got inspired to write this list of twenty five things I want to achieve before I turn 25 from my friend Ben Franklin, however, I have about 3 less months than him to cram all of this in! I had a plan of publishing this on 13 July so it would be exactly 6 months until my birthday, but lets face it – that didn’t happen. My organisational skills, as always, letting me down.

Flatlay including birthday card and knitting

It’s no secret that I had a bit of a crisis about turning 24, and it’s no different now that the big 25 is creeping up on me, so why not set myself some goals? I feel like I blinked and it’s been 6 whole years since I was preparing to go to Uni, and I haven’t done nearly as much in the 3 years since graduating as I hoped I would, especially considering I still live in the city I don’t particuarly like!

I’ve completely ripped of Ben’s structure and done 5 big goals, a long term 7 and then some little ones. And considering I now have less than 6 months – I’d better get cracking.

Big 5:

  • Move house – this house seemed like a good idea at the time, but holds a few bad memories now, and I would love to have more creative control over a space to live again.
  • Start blogging 2 times a week – I go through huge stages of blogging mojo and I actually have a lot of planned posts – and I actually want to get to a point where I can do this regularly.
  • Do a course – earlier this year I did an ‘Introduction to Counselling’ course and I really enjoyed it, but unfortunately I couldn’t afford the one following this. I want to do another one though – if not in this, then something else, so I can start figuring out what I enjoy!
  • Start learning a new language/learn to code – this is the one I see me giving up on (a bad habit of mine) as it’s a considerable amount of work. I didn’t have enough slots for both so one or the other will do.
  • Get a new job – my job is good money and I’m definitely grateful to have it. However, hopefully by the end of the year I will be in a financial position to explore a different career path.

The long term 7:

  • Approach a brand – I keep chickening out of emailing brands because I don’t feel I’m ‘big’ enough, but in the next 6 months I’m going to do it.
  • Read 5 books – I used to be a regular little bookworm but also find myself scrolling my phone instead of picking up a book, and this is only reading one a month!
  • Book a trip abroad – I miss travelling so so much and seeing new places, so even if it’s just a weekend trip to Europe, I want one booked.
  • Improve my credit score – in the last year or so, my credit score has plummeted due to several things (I actually might do a series on debt in general as it’s more common than people realise) and I want to make a conscious effort to improve it.
  • Improve my photography – photography has always been that thing I’ve dreamed of being good at, and I need to make a step forward into making it better which will hopefully make my blog even better too.
  • Start doing yoga – I’m not going to set myself any sort of cardio challenge as I can just see myself failing at that, so doing regular yoga seems a good start.

The others:

  • Go to an art class – another thing I love but I’m not great at, but would love to go to an informal art class.
  • Get another tattoo – not really heightening my life but I really really want another tattoo, I have one I’ve wanted for a while so definitely want it before I turn 25.
  • Drive to somewhere new in the UK – there are so many beautiful places in the UK that I have never seen.
  • Take my mum somewhere to spoil her  – my mum does so much for me (I’ve written about how wonderful she is here) and I want to be able to treat her properly.
  • Have one week vegetarian  – I’m probably going to have to live with my mum to do this the boy I live with doesn’t touch food unless it has at least 2 meats.
  • Be invited to/Go to a blogger event – I did actually go to an event last year (I met Olivia and Hannah) but want to challenge myself to go to another one.
  • Have proper blog pictures taken – I’m desperate to have my photos taken with either Kaye or Lauren, and as soon as I have the money – I am booking in!
  • Knit something I can wear  – this started off as knitting a hat but I’ve just started knitting a snood, so I don’t want to be too unrealistic.
  • Sing at an open mic night (DONE!) – I actually did this a few weeks ago and didn’t realise it was on here! I want to sing some more though!
  • Improve my interior decorating/design – This sort of ties in with moving house, as I want to put more effort into how the interior looks.
  • Listen to more podcasts – I recently started listening to Birkhamstead Revisited and I love it! People always talk about their favourite podcasts so I want to jump on the bandwagon.
  • Go to Harry Potter Studios – I have never been! If you can believe it.
  • Write something everyday – I used to write something every single day, either poetry or just random thoughts or trying to write stories, and I miss being that person, so want to challenge myself to do this again.

Flatlay of birthday card and watercolour paints

Is there anything you want to achieve before your next birthday?



    • lovefortydown
      August 6, 2018 / 7:26 pm

      Thank you so much! I was so terrified about the one I went to last year but it was so much fun!

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