Who am I in blogging?

Some days I have a complete lack of faith in myself in this field. Let’s face it, it’s not just about blogging anymore. It’s about micro-blogging on Instagram, which doesn’t just involve amazing photography anymore, but also cramming a funny but also interesting and eye catching anecdote in the caption. And inherein lies my problem – I am not funny. It’s my best fun fact right there, and my most used Tinder tagline (actually that was that I couldn’t flirt but I feel that it comes hand in hand). I am never funny intentionally, and my version of flirting is a baby voice. The best of the best can talk about nipples and vaginas in 10 word posts and sound flippant and edgy, while I sound like an awkward middle aged Aunt embarrassing her 10 year old niece. The best of the best – Beth Sandland, the Imperfectly Perfect Parent, Hannah Gale, Chloe Plumstead. How does one make it, without this naturally hilarious streak? Without people feeling the need to check the last post they put up in eagerness for the funny thing that happened to them today.

Girl wearing sunglasses stands in front of Oxford skyline Girl wearing sunglasses stands in front of Oxford skyline

My blog posts are normally massive word vomits, and I’m not very good at condensing. I never normally edit my posts, and I really struggle writing list posts, or reviews, or anything that isn’t a million pages long. I spill my brain out on paper but can never quite make it have that edge that it needs. That edge that takes you from a mediocre one in a million, to that one in a million.

Can you make it in this field, without being funny?

Girl stands in front of Oxford skyline

Going even further, I like to define myself with the overarching theme of ‘lifestyle’ blogger, because I’m too scared to admit that I don’t have a niche. (I am in no way saying this about all lifestyle bloggers, just how I view myself). And yet, what does lifestyle even mean, for me? Most of the brands I brainstorm to work with are clothing brands, but I would never define myself a fashion blogger. I can scroll the Topshop new in and not find a single thing I like. I don’t know anything about fashion shows, although I sometimes have the habit of namedropping them when talking about dupes, just to up my own self esteem. I’m not especially good at putting outfits together, and I’ve already written about why I’m not a beauty blogger.

So who am I? A lot of the best blogger tips talk about finding a definite niche for your blog, and I just don’t where I would fit. I find the idea of this kind of ridiculous, as none of us are only one thing. My favourite blogs are the blog where you feel like you really know the person, you don’t just know what clothes they like to wear, but you know how they feel about things that happen in the world, or who they are as a person. But it’s not enough to make it, or to be noticed, by just being a person. I feel like the more popular blogging becomes, the more people have to exaggerate parts of themselves – to stand out from a crowd of other really interesting, amazing bloggers. Now – you can’t just be funny, you have to be funnier. You have to have a better Instagram feed, a more aesthetic home interior, a more distinguishable wardrobe. When does it end, and how can we come to terms if we don’t quite meet those standards? Or can those standards ever actually be met?

Girl stands in front of Oxford skyline

Girl stands in front of Oxford skyline

People used to love bloggers and Youtubers because they were relatable – they were people you could imagine yourself being friends with, and in all honesty, I lost interest in Youtube recently because I no longer felt that I found them relatable. It’s in no way their fault that they have done so well in their field that they have a much higher salary than I do, and therefore can afford things that I can’t, I commend them, but it switched me off from them. In fact, one of the only Youtubers I will still choose to watch is Katie Snooks, and I think that’s because she’s so effortlessly herself. She’s honest with us about her life, her struggles, and making it in this blogging world. I guess I just have to hope in good faith, that people will read this little blog because of who I am, even if I’m not funny, and if I don’t fit into a square. In all honesty, I don’t even know who I am, but this blog is helping me figure it out, so to everyone who does read this – thank you. Thanks for coming along with me.


What I’m Wearing

Top: New Look (similar)

Trousers: Quiz

Shoes: Converse



  1. August 16, 2018 / 11:26 am

    I really enjoyed reading this post; your personality shines through and I relate to it so much. I constantly worry I’m not charismatic enough for blogging or Instagram, and I don’t have a niche. I also feel the same way about bigger bloggers and YouTubers – I miss the relatability. Blogging is changing so much now, but I think I’m comfortable just being me!

    Rachel || https://www.wordofrachel.com

    • lovefortydown
      August 16, 2018 / 11:39 am

      Thank you so much! Means so much to hear that – I’m just reading your post now on being a ‘bad blogger’ – I completely get you and agree with everything you say! We are who we are ❤️

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