A Message to my Younger Self

This is an idea that Lauren over at Diary of a Spanglish Girl came up with – for us both to think about what we would say to our ‘younger self,’ so you get to read two posts at once! (But don’t go over there until you’ve read mine, okay? (Please?))

Young child with ginger hair in red coat sits backwards on slide looking excited
A rebel from a young age, clearly

Over the past year, age has filled a lot of my thoughts.  Turning the big ’25’ has been looming over me, and working at a University constantly reminds me that I am no longer a size 10, beautifully cheap lightweight, 18 year old fresher. I would love to say I have no regrets, but I’m not really that sort of person, and I worry too much about things I can’t control, but I would love to be able to reassure my younger self. In a way it’s hard give a reassuring message because I don’t feel I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m secure enough in myself to be able to look back with that sort of clarity.

Young child with ginger hair smiles at camera next to river, wearing denim jacket
Slogan tee, denim jacket and floral leggings – fashion sense win

I could say all the normal stuff, like don’t worry about being fat, don’t stress over boys and grades, but I still worry about my weight, still stress over boys and although I don’t have grades anymore, I still worry about my intelligence, so if I said all that – I’d be a bit of a hypocrite. But I would like to say:

  • You don’t always have to put yourself one step behind everyone, remember to take your own time.
  • Pet all the dogs whenever you can.
  • Don’t overthink the choices you make.
  • Know your limits, because you are a very ‘cry-y’ drunk.
  • Don’t stop writing, even just for yourself.
  • If in doubt, just sing or dance it out.
  • Pizza is really ace – eat it. Especially with pineapple. (I didn’t like pizza until I was a teenager!)
  • Don’t cut all your hair off – I know you want to look like a boy but it’s never the same after.
  • Please, please, please cut your mum some slack.
  • You do not always need to give an explanation for being yourself.
  • Write a diary! It would be great for your adult (internal crying) self when she wants to write a blog.
  • You know what’s good? Chips and gravy. Chips and cheese. Please don’t wait until you’re 18 to try them!
  • Greatest adult skill? Making a roast. Practice.

Young child with ginger curly hair in red jumper

Above all, I would tell my younger self to be a child for as long as possible. Once you start secondary school, it’s easy to be sucked into ‘growing up’ as quickly as possible, trying to copy what everyone else is doing. I’m forever grateful, although I feel old, that I was a child in the years of film cameras, VHS players and brick phones, because it did allow you to be a child for longer, perhaps with less pressure.

Hey baby Rhianna, stick in there ❤️

Remember to check out Lauren’s post! What would you say to your younger self?

Young child with ginger curly hair looks at camera


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