Eleven things we learned from One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is my favourite TV show, hands down. It’s what I watch when I’m sad, happy, or just generally struggling with what to watch. I’ve previously talked about 5 Female TV Characters that inspire me  and (spoiler alert) Brooke Davis from OTH was smack bang the top of that list. When I doubt myself, I look to Brooke, so I thought I would make a list (inspired by Vix Meldrew) of 11 things I have learned from One Tree Hill.

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Sometimes you drift apart from people and that’s okay

On Brooke’s Wedding Day, she talks about all the memories she has growing up with her best friend Peyton… who isn’t coming to the wedding. Brooke’s mother-in-law explains that she also drifted apart from her childhood best friend – and maybe this is okay. You still have all those memories of them, they are still a big part of your life, but it’s okay that new people have new roles now, and that your life and you, has changed.

Who you were is not who you will always be

Brooke learns the hard way of lying about who she is, only to explain that she is not that girl anymore. She reacted defensively when compared to her high school self, because it’s natural that everyone changes. What you go through will shape you as a person, and the things that once defined you will not define you forever. If you want to change, then you can.

Your jealousy is not always right

Brooke’s history didn’t give her the best ability to trust, but she tricked herself into a corner when she got extremely jealous about Julian and Alex. She almost lost the love of her life because of this, so just sometimes your jealousy might not be right, and it’s not good to let it get the best of you.

Never let anger and fear get the best of you

Quinn, beautiful vibrant Quinn James, went through such a traumatic experience that she let her anger and fear of Katie get the better of her. She was lying to everyone around her, and went to Dan Scott for lessons on shooting people, killing people. If something that you’re planning is so bad you can’t tell your partner or your closest friends, it’s not something you should be doing. Her anger and fear go so much for her, that she completely changed into a different person.

Even bad people can change

Dan Scott. The man you loved to hate for 8 seasons. The man who loved to be hated. And yet, in the (awful) last season, he turned it around, and you were devastated that he was dying. You almost didn’t notice it happening that actually, finally (maybe a few years overdue) he seemed to change into a better person. If it’s not too late for Dan, it’s not too late for you.

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Always be true to yourself

Peyton Sawyer. Brooke Davis. Haley James Scott. 3 strong, beautiful, amazing women. All three of them stay true to themselves even in the face of adversity.

Peyton leaves the big town label to start her own, finding acts she believes in and making music that means something.

Brooke gives up her own personal fortune to make sure her investors (who her mother conned) don’t lose any money.

Haley refuses to apologise for publishing Sam’s essay in the school paper, even though it means losing her job. She refuses to bow down to people trying to take over Red Bedroom Records.

Always be true to yourself and what you believe in.

The smallest gesture can mean the most

When Karen’s cafe opens, Keith buys the first cup of coffee, and Karen frames that first dollar, because he believes in her. When Brooke opens a Clothes Over Bros in One Tree Hill, Millie writes a cheque that she can’t afford, so that it doesn’t close down. When Jamie buys Madison a Valentines gift, she loves the shoelaces, because they wear them together. Even a small gesture that shows that you care, can mean the most. It’s that people believe in you, and believe in their relationship with you.

Don’t call it a comeback

Nathan Scott is always the top of his game, until he gets put through a window and can’t play basketball anymore. He believes for so long that he won’t be able to ever play again, and reaches the lowest of the lows. Until he meets Q, and starts working on a ‘comeback.’ Except – the trick is, to not call it a comeback, and guess what? He manages to become Nathan Scott again – top of his game.

People always leave, but sometimes they come back

Peyton Sawyer is convinced throughout much of her life that people always leave. Her dad works overseas, her mum passed away, she’s with a shitty boyfriend and a not so loyal best friend, her biological mum then passes away and to her – people leave, and they don’t come back. Even when she falls in love with Lucas, he proposes to her and she isn’t ready, and he leaves and falls in love with somebody else. But eventually, he comes back to her, because even though people do leave – sometimes, the ones that matter, do come back.

Your time will come, and you will find love

Mouth McFadden. The ‘best friend.’ The eternally friendzoned of the Tree Hill High School Era. Mouth often became frustrated at this, falling in love with a series of girls that only saw him as the dorky boy that commentated on basketball games. You could have forgiven him for perhaps losing hope, but eventually he finds his Millie.

Your art matters

As Lucas Scott once said to Peyton – ‘your art matters.’ The running theme of the whole show – draw your art, write your novel, design your clothes, write/sing your music – your art matters, and you should do it.

Screen showing One Tree Hill with pink cushion and fairy lights


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  1. November 8, 2018 / 5:35 pm

    I think I’m one of the few people that has never watched One Tree Hill before but this post makes me want to start it straight away – I do need a new series, so maybe this’ll be it?! 🙊

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