Twenty One Things I’m Bad At

This is kind of an extension of Facts About Me, so instead, have twenty one things that will never be my strong point.

Ginger girl swings on tyre swing - facts about me

1. Dancing

My mum and I both love watching dancing shows, watching dancing films, and we love dancing. I, however, am not that great, and I blame 5 year old Rhianna for quitting her dance classes just because her best friend got kicked out. Damn you, past me.

2. Maths

Okay, so I’m not awful at Maths. I did okay at GCSE level (thanks to my mum who used to teach it), but it is definitely not my strong point. When I used to work in a shop, my nightmare would be when they say ‘ooh actually I have the 7p!’ 

Don’t ask me to recalculate what the till has done for me!

3. Directions

Everyone who knows me can attest to this. Geography in general just doesn’t seem to want to stick in my head. If I drive one way, and then back the exact same way, in my head it doesn’t correlate as the same places. Nothing connects in my head, and I couldn’t tell you sneaky fast ways of getting anywhere. Following Google Maps is difficult enough for me, and I haven’t tried reading an actual map since I was a teenager. If you ask me what direction somewhere is in terms of my house, I will just point to the door. 

4. Actually finishing a project before starting a new one.

I actually have 10 blog post drafts sitting unfinished at the moment, so if that doesn’t just prove this one.

5. Self control – only eating one square of chocolate or a spoonful of ice cream before putting it away.

And I wonder why I’m not a size 10 anymore.

6. Not poking a bruise even though you know it will hurt.

You know, when you have a bruise, and you don’t know where it came from, so you poke it? Even though you know it’s a bruise, and it’s going to hurt?

Yeah, that’s me.

Ginger girl swings on tyre swing - facts about me

7. Not exclaiming ‘Ooh, flowers!’ when I see flowers.

Or insert ‘ooh, pretty!’ Especially guilty of this when I am the passenger in a car.

8. Not exclaiming ‘Ooh, doggo!’ when I see a dog.

Also insert ‘ooh *dog,* *woofer,* *cute,* *fluffy,*’

9. Being on time.

Yeah I should probably change my CV as timekeeping is not my strong point.

10. Actually only buying one thing when I go to the shop for ‘one thing.’

The return of my legendary lack of self control. Also forever falling for random offers you see around the store, and impulsively throwing things into my basket. 

11. Remembering my glasses everyday.

As someone who didn’t have glasses until they were 24, it doesn’t yet come naturally to me to remember to pick them up everyday. I normally only twig when I realise things far away aren’t quite in focus, or my eyes start to hurt.

12. Texting back.

I touched on this in my post about being a bad friend.  A very bad habit of mine is starting a conversation over text, getting a reply, thinking ‘ooh I’ll reply later’ and never replying. 

13. Calling a company or a person that isn’t a friend or family member without at least 10 minutes of internal battle.

When I was much younger, I used to pray and pray that people wouldn’t answer me when I called them because I hated it so much, and although I’m better at it now (forced to be by jobs involving telephone conversations), I still have to psych myself up to actually dial the number, and will always choose sending an email if given a choice.

14. Texting without emojis.

I just think it makes me seem mean if I don’t use at least one! How will they know exactly what I’m feeling if I don’t include an obnoxious yellow face??

15. Writing a serious email without at least one exclamation mark and/or sad smiley face – 🙂

See above.

Ginger girl swings on tyre swing - facts about me

16. Not buying thousands of new notebooks when I’ve only used one page in the one I have.

I have always been incapable of allowing myself to use one notebook for more than one project. So if I’ve used  the first few pages for something, I can’t start writing anything else until I have a new one.

17. Not wasting an obscene amount of time scrolling Instagram and watching Instagram stories.

I’ve even written a post about being preoccupied with other people, but that doesn’t mean I don’t catch myself still scrolling Instagram a good 20 minutes after I told myself I would get up and actually do something. 

18. Not leaving socks in random places around the house.

I make it worse for myself as I refuse to wear odd socks, which means I have a bag full of odd socks sitting in my cupboard while I try to find their missing pairs, and it’s my own fault, as I just shed socks around the house.

19. Not singing along to all songs on the radio even when I don’t know the words or don’t even like the song.

If you could be a fly on the (door?) in my car, you would hear me exclaim ‘oh I don’t like this song,’ and then proceed to sing along anyway. Most of the words would be wrong as well, or I will just make random noises in place.

20. Matching a bag to my outfit.

I’ve never had that many bags (or shoes) and so when I have to match one to an outfit for a blog post, or for an actual outfit – I really struggle. I tend to just not include my bag in pictures because normally it’s a rucksack or handbag shoved full of crap that I use everyday.

21. Small talk.

Awkward silence anytime, over here. Or I’ll mention the weather. I’m so bloody British. 

Ginger girl swings on tyre swing - facts about me

What I’m Wearing:

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Boots: Asda (similar)

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