Are we the generation that can’t settle?

So, over Christmas and the New Year I took a little break from the blogging world, because I worked quite a lot before Christmas, and I wanted to take a step back from it, and it made me realise that blogging is pretty much my only hobby. Although I’m not doing a resolutions post this year (that didn’t last long – you can read my resolutions here), I should definitely try to drum up a few more interesting parts of my life, other than social media scrolling.

Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, I didn’t want to do a typical New Years post this year, as in all honesty – 2019 is a big scary thing to me, including but not limited to, me turning 25, which for some reason, really freaks me out. None of my drafted posts I thought really worked for New Year, so I looked through my ideas of posts I had jotted down, and I picked one. About, if we are the generation that cannot settle, the generation that thinks the grass is always greener. Just on a personal level, I find most jobs I have, I always think about what could be better somewhere else.

I read a Buzzfeed article the other day about how Millennials became the ‘burnout generation’ and I think that fits in quite well with how I feel. Although I’m at the younger end of what is counted as a ‘Millennial,’ I feel that my burnout is caused by the need we now have to be everywhere at once. Completely active on all social medias, with an active social life in the real world too, doing well at a good job, being healthy, having a bountiful supply of hobbies and also travelling the world as much as possible before the actions of our predecessors take all the natural beauty away from this world. I can’t concentrate on much at a time, because I constantly feel that there is something else I should be doing, and so I cannot settle. There is always more grass, around that corner, and not only is it greener, but there’s people there you should be hanging out with, the perfect lighting for an outfit picture, and some vegan fast food too.

I think I first came up with this idea (I’m sure it’s been written about before, but still) when I watched last year’s Love Island. Having loved (as many did) the show in 2017, I went back and watched the class of 2016 when it was put on Netflix, and loved that too. But 2018 was a reasonable let down, and for me it seemed that every single person on there, couldn’t stick with anyone they had picked. (Let’s discount Dani and Jack from this theory). Each of them (Wes, Adam, Josh, Alex, Jack 2, the other boys that have faded from my memory) picked a girl, said they liked her, then as soon as another walked in, or another showed interest in them, they starting thinking about how great they could be if they were with that girl instead. Now, I know that is partly the point of the show, but it really showed to me how small our attention spans have got.

When I got my first ‘proper’ job (part time) at a large supermarket chain when I was at University, I remember my Granddad telling me that I should just stay there and work my way up. The people that interviewed me – that is exactly what they did, they started off small and part time, like me, and ended up big and powerful. Yet now, I feel that it’s very unusual to meet people of this generation who have stuck to one company, or one job. I know there are people that do, but I wouldn’t say it’s the norm anymore. It’s not as necessary to try and cling to the protection and security that one job provides you, because there’s always something new out there. There’s a lot of websites that you can search on for jobs, there’s websites where employers can search for you. You can reach out to each other on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and if you still don’t find anything you want, you can be a freelancer. The number of self employed people went up from 3.3 million in 2001, to 4.8 million in 2017. (Source)

Just like I said there is always something that we should be doing, there is a always a job out there that could be better for us, that could give us our dream or give us the next step we’re after.

So is this good, or bad? Or is it neither – or both? It’s good, that we do not settle now for behaviour that is unacceptable, we do not settle for things that are wrong. It’s bad that some of us may never find that place that we just keep looking for.

I find it hard. I really do. I find the pressure to be everywhere at once overwhelming, and I have to make a conscious effort to put my phone down when I watch something, or read something, otherwise I only take about half of the story in. My attention span is pitiful, and this is coming from a girl who used to read massive great tomes as a child (I read Lord of the Rings when I was 9) and sit in one spot for hours. (Fun fact I once seriously sunburned my legs because I sat outside in the sun in France reading for most of the day). I have less patience and less attention to expend on things, and yet I feel there is always more that I am expected to do. It’s great that we have so many avenues to achieve things, but it’s like that old anecdote of spreading butter too thin. We try to do everything, but that doesn’t mean we’re doing it well, or giving it our all.

On average, in the last 7 days, I have picked up my phone 125 times a day. I actually just picked it up right now, for no reason other than the fact it is there. And there is the root of all of this. There’s just so much that is there. Holidays, food, TV programmes, dates, books, a 2 second picture of your friend’s face, it’s all just there. Even if you pick one thing, you know the others are still right there, ready to be picked. It’s so easy to decide that you made the wrong decision because there’s 5 more you can make within 5 minutes. We can’t settle because we’re just going so fast. Everything is 20 miles a minute, and this year, I want to just slow things down. Take time over important decisions, and maybe, just maybe, it’s okay if we’re not everywhere at once.

Sometimes it’s okay to stick stuff out. Take a breath. We have time.

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  1. March 12, 2019 / 9:29 pm

    This is absolutely the most real and relatable post I’ve ever read.
    There is nothing here I disagree with at all! (except love island, I really need to see what all the fuss is about!)
    I’ve recently made a huge decision to change my career and honestly I just keep thinking… I’m not good enough for this. It’s almost like everything is a video game and it’s a mission to complete it. It’s sad but so true!
    I really enjoyed reading this, it’s given me a lot to think about!

    Thanks for giving me some inspiration!

    (coffee and corfu)

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